Ipsy and Sephora Play

If you are looking where to buy makeup online then it is obvious you are not searching for your basic drugstore branded makeup. You are looking for something with higher quality but with that comes a higher price tag. With that being said would it be safe to say that you would like to try it before you buy it? Well then I can tell you your best bet is one of two options that I highly recommend personally with which I have had great success.

First we will start with Ipsy, the first makeup subscription that I tried. So many great aspects to receiving one of their custom Glam Bags every month first being of course the glam bag a super cute makeup bag with the colors of the season and the vibe and theme of whatever that may be. In your custom bag five beauty products with sizes ranging from full size to Deluxe when you sign up you’ll fill out a beauty profile which tells them what Shades and brands you would like to try along with info on your complexion, skin type Etc.

It’s definitely worth mentioning their website has a fun inspiring, encouraging type vibe vs an up-selling one. With plenty of information on the products they sent you for that month and info on ways to wear them. They also have points you can earn by reviewing the items in your glam bag also by referring friends you can use them to put extra items in your upcoming glam bag. You can also earn up to 30% cash back by shopping your favorite brands on their site you will receive a $5 bonus to start. You can have sent by check or get it via PayPal. You can always check out their YouTube channel where you’re always sure to find really cool innovative ideas for new looks and makeup, nail and hair styles.

Now I would like to tell you about Sephora play the second addition to my ever- growing cosmetic collection there are several aspects to Sephora vs Ipsy. Before subscribing to Sephora play I had never purchased anything exclusively through them or at one of their stores. They we’re much too pricey for my taste considering I wasn’t familiar with higher priced brands because I never had the money to just take a chance with possibly not liking the product that I bought. Don’t get me wrong I have wasted a lot of money on makeup and different cosmetic products that ended up not working for me but they were a fraction of the cost of most items sold by Sephora. Bringing me to my favorite aspect of this subscription you will be getting five samples all of them being Deluxe size and a fragrance sample everything they send you will be high quality amazing products because they want you to love it so that you will want the full size products they sell, and that’s okay with me if I know that I absolutely love a product it takes the sting out of paying the higher price for something I know works for me.

Can we please for a moment talk about the wide range of products out there today that we would never have the money to try all of them but with cosmetic subscriptions we can and if you love makeup and Skin Care hair care as much as I do then $10 a month as a super small price to pay to try exclusive brands every single month. They also have a point system you can earn and redeem them in a few different ways. When I decided to make my first big purchase it was the Huda desert dusk palette for $65 which qualified me for two day shipping through Sephora free samples were also included my choice of three skin care samples including Nars, Algenist and Caudalie although they were not Deluxe size still, they were free. Being subscribed gives you what they call Insider status they send you promo codes for deluxe size samples of all kinds when I made my purchase during my birthday month they gave me a gift to redeem at checkout I chose a Tarte lip and check duo, matte lip paint and Amazonian clay 12- hour blush mini. I also had a promo code my choice of many was a fragrance sample spray set of eight including a Giorgio Armani lip maestro not to mention I had enough points after receiving only one Sephora play bag to redeem a makeup Mini with my points I chose a Makeup Forever Artist Liquid Matte mini.

Needless to say when that package came it was like Christmas for me I received a lot of stuff off of one purchase. They are always offering promos for samples of all kinds through your Insider status for being subscribed to Sephora play so any time you make a purchase you always can redeem a lot of samples and makeup Minis which is awesome because they are all luxury brands. There is much variety with this particular option if your anything like me I love to try new beauty products all the time I’m always in search of the Holy Grail of mascaras ( don’t worry I’m not holding my breath LOL) that’s another subject in and of itself am I right? In my next post I will be reviewing some of the products I received in my last Sephora play bag until then ladies remember real Beauty comes from within.

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